1. Sponsored five (5) Rotary Clubs, *two (2) of which are still existing
    1. *Rotary Club of Cebu Port Center
    2. Rotary Club of Cebu University District
    3. *Rotary Club of Cebu Midtown
    4. Rotary Club of Naga
    5. Rotary Club of Cebu Mid-City
  2. Organized 14 Rotary Village Corps (RVC), four (4) of which are still existing
    1. *RVC of Campo Siete, Minglanilla
    2. *RVC of Jandiliog, Ronda, Cebu
    3. *RVC of Marian Heart Coop, DAS, Toledo City
    4. *RCC of Barangay Lahug
  3. Established 14 sister clubs/twin clubs pacts, with
    1. RC of Biak Na Bato Silangan, D3780 (dissolved club)
    2. RC of Cainta Rizal, D3800
    3. RC of Downtown Davao, D3860
    4. RC of Downtown Tarlac, D3790
    5. RC of Dumaguete South, D3860
    6. RC of Loyola Heights, D3780
    7. RC of Makati Paseo de Roxas, D3830
    8. RC of Makati Salcedo, D3830
    9. RC of Manila Bay, D3810
    10. RC of Metro Iloilo, D3860
    11. RC of Metro Marikina, D3800
    12. RC of Ormoc, D3860
    13. RC of Sta. Rosa South, Laguna, D3820
    14. RC of Tagbilaran, D3860
    15. RC of Waling Waling, Davao, D3860
  4. Established International Friendship/Sister Club/Twin Clubs Pacts
    1. RC Seoul, Jeil (South Korea) D3640
    2. RC Matsudo Chuo (Chiba Japan) D2790
    3. RC Narashino Chuo, Chiba Japan D2790
    4. RC Welland, Canada (Canada) D7090
    5. RC Parramatta, (Australia)
    6. RC Seosuwon (South Korea) D3750
  5. Others
    1. Organized 6 Rotaract Clubs, three (3) of which are still active
      1. Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente, STI Cebu Chapter
      2. Rotaract Club of Cebu Doctor’s University
      3. Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente Community Based
      4. Rotaract Club of SWU – Veterinary Division
      5. Rotaract Club of University of San Carlos
      6. Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente University of the Visayas Chapter
    2. Organized Interact Clubs
      1. Interact Club of Sacred Heart School Jesuit
      2. Interact Club of Cebu Normal University
      3. Interact Club of Don Bosco Boy’s Home
      4. Interact Club of St. Theresa’s College
    3. Hosted
      1. District Rotary Foundation Seminar (DRFS) – August 21-22, 2009 with 437 attendees
      2. 1st New Generation Web Conference between District 3860 and District 3830 – September 12, 2009
    4. Co-hosted:
      1. TDRF (Tri District Rotary Foundation) Seminar, RY 1999-2000, RY 2001-2002, RY 2007-2008
      2. Voice of our Youth in Cebu City, RY 1998-99, 2002-2003
      3. Rotary Academy I, RY 1999 to 2001.
      4. DISCON 2001, 2005, and 2008 in Cebu City, RY 2000-2001, RY 2004-2005, RY 2007-2008 and RY 2016-2017 respectively.
      5. First Philippine Conference on Rotary Concerns, RY 2002-2003.
    5. Produced Four (4) GSE (Group Study Exchange) Team Leaders:
      PDG/PP Cesar Estalilla

      PP Julio Gonzalez

      DG/PP Joseph Michael Espina

      PDS/PP Mary Anne A. Solomon

      SAG-O/PP Richard G. Barba

      RY 2000-2001, RY 2007-2008, RY 2008-2009
    6. Sponsored (Group Study Exchange) team members of which *two (2) became club members:
      * Atty. Michael Yu* Dr. Mary Therese Lilian BorromeoCynthia Quimbo

      Architect Haidi Fajardo

      Nimrod Quiñones
      Annie Abucay

      * Dr. Mary Christine Tio

      Archt. Haidi Fajardo

      *Golda Marthe King

    7. Produced District Officers
      Joseph Michael Espina D3860 TRF Chairman, RY 2009-2010

      Past President, RY 1998-1999

      Past Assistant Group Representative

      Past District Secretary

      Past Senior Asst. Governor-Admin.

      District Trainer, RY 2004-2005

      Senior Assistant Governor-Optns., RY 2003-2004

      Senior Assistant Governor-Programs, RY 2002-2003

      Member, WCS Committee, RY 2001-2002


      Richard G. Barba GSE Team Leader, RY 2008-2009

      Senior Asst. Governor for Programs


      Mary Anne A. Solomon GSE Chairman, RY 2009-2010

      Co-Chairman, Annual Giving, RY 2009-2010

      GSE-Co Chairman Visayas, RY 2008-2009

      GSE Team Leader to Virginia USA, RY 2007-2008

      District Executive Secretary, District 3860, RY 2007-2008

      District Governor’s Representative, Philippine Rotary Magazine, RY 2007-2008

      Editor In Chief, Governor’s Monthly Letter (GML), RY 2007-2008

      Senior Assistant Governor-Programs – Visayas District 3860, RY 2005-2006

      District Secretary, District 3860, RY 2004-2005

      Senior Assistant Governor – Administration – Visayas, RY 2003-2004

      Assistant Governor Zone 1D, D3860, RY 2002-2003

      Chairman, Membership Development & Retention

      Senior Deputy District Secretary, D3860, RY 2000-2001

      Co-Chairman, District Governor’s Representative, Phil. Rotary Magazine, RY 1999-2000


      William Martin B. Rafols Assistant Governor, RY 2009-2010


      Teresa Stella M. Gonzalez DGR-PRM, RY 2008-2009; 2009-2010

      Secretary, Rotary Club of Cebu Fuente, RY 2007-2008


      Dave John B. Karamihan GSE Team Leader, RY 2008-2009

      Senior Asst. Governor for Programs


      Cristina Bacalso District Chairman, Rotaract RY 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010


    8. Youth Leaders
      Jan Raleigh Bascon Past District Rotaract Representative, RY 2007-2009

      (from the Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente-Comm Based)


      Don Carlos Amores Past District Interact Representative-Vis.

      (from the Interact Club of Sacred Heart School-Jesuit)

      RY 2007-2009


      Debra Indino District Interact Representative, RY 2008-2009


      Linnette Filipino President – Council of President Interact-Visayas

      RY 2008-2009

      Past District Officers

      Cesar Estalilla

      Joseph M. Baduel

      Virgilio G. Espeleta

      Joal Abad

      Marcelo B. Indino

      Emmanuel Calalang

      Ma. Socorro T. Bigornia

      Julio Gonzalez

      Michael J. Veloso

      Maricel B. Amores

      Past District Governor

      Past Assistant Governor

      Past Assistant Governor

      Past Assistant Governor

      Senior Asst. Governor for Finance

      District Auditor

      Asst. District Secretary 2

      Health and Hunger Committee Chairman

      Ways and Means District Chairman

      Interact District Chairman


    9. Sent representatives to Rotary International Conventions in

      San Antonio, Texas

      Brisbane, Australia

      Chicago, USA

      Los Angeles, USA


      RY 2001-2002

      RY 2003-2004

      RY 2004-2005

      RY 2007-2008


  6. Rotary Club of Cebu Fuente President through the years