Officers & Directors

Ian H.S. Riseley Ian H.S. Riseley R.I. President
Atty. Art O. Tan Atty. Art O. Tan District Governor RY 2016-2017
Jose Fortunato Jose Fortunato "Chi" Uy District Secretary
Cristina Cristina "Tina" Bacalso Assistant Governor Area 1D

Officers, Directors & Advisers Rotary Year 2017 - 2018

Maricel Borromeo-Amores Maricel Borromeo-Amores President
Dr. Alain O. Senerpida Dr. Alain O. Senerpida Vice-President / President-Elect
Atty. Bernardino “Berns” T. Amago IV Atty. Bernardino “Berns” T. Amago IV Secretary
Luz Filipinas “Lulu” S. San Pedro Luz Filipinas “Lulu” S. San Pedro Treasurer
Archt. Manuel “Jun” L. Torres Jr. Archt. Manuel “Jun” L. Torres Jr. Auditor
Geraldine Geraldine "Dinna" B. Ramos Sergeant At Arms
Emmanuel Emmanuel "Emmie" Tesalona Sergeant At Arms
Dave John B. Karamihan Dave John B. Karamihan Protocol Officer
Kendrick “Ken” S. Sulay Kendrick “Ken” S. Sulay Director, Club Administration / President Nominee
Atty. Manuel “Butch” A. Climaco III Atty. Manuel “Butch” A. Climaco III Director, Club Administration / Public Relations
Atty. Lolita “Gingging” L. Lomanta Atty. Lolita “Gingging” L. Lomanta Director, Membership
Kristoffer “Tope” A. Llegunas Kristoffer “Tope” A. Llegunas Club Internet Communication Officer
Marina “Mar” E. Kaufmann Marina “Mar” E. Kaufmann Director, Community Service
Engr.  Jesselito “Jesse” V. Baring Engr. Jesselito “Jesse” V. Baring Director, Community Service
Dolores “Inday” H. Rimaz Dolores “Inday” H. Rimaz Director, Vocational Service
Jocelyn “Roy” B. Regner Jocelyn “Roy” B. Regner Director, Vocational Service
Emman Reyan “Yan” C. Abay-Abay Emman Reyan “Yan” C. Abay-Abay Director, Youth Service
Jan Raleigh “Jan” E. Bascon Jan Raleigh “Jan” E. Bascon Director, Youth Service
Pouly Jang Pouly Jang Director, International Service
Jose Alfonso “Joal” C. Abad Jose Alfonso “Joal” C. Abad Director, International Service
Dr. Mary Christine “Teenie” G. Tio Dr. Mary Christine “Teenie” G. Tio The Rotary Foundation Chairman


No Image DG Mary Anne “Me'anne”A. Solomon
No Image PP Dr. Julio “Jojo” Gonzales
No Image PDG Archt. Joseph Michael “Yumi” Espina
No Image PP Richard “Dick” Barba
No Image PP Archt. Manuel “Jun” Torres Jr.
No Image PP Conrado “Rady” Abarintos

District Vision

A District composed of effective clubs and committed Rotarians that are deeply involved in their respective communities and are serving as catalysts in their transformation towards a better life.